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501 C3

Solving Housing Needs by the Action of Building Homes


Our mission is to build quality and sustainable affordable housing, homeless transitional housing and disaster home rebuilding.


We accomplish this through innovation, technology and by embracing the communities in which we serve.


The current crisis in housing deficit is quite difficult to pin down. In America alone an estimated 3.3 Million are in need of a home and a staggering 1.6 Billion globally estimation with this gap ever growing.



Meet the I.H.R. Ethiopia team;

*Gabriel Chieng Tot, 


*Simon Mun Wal, 

Operation Manager 

*Dr. Chuol Ruey Kompuok, Economics Advisor

International Home Relief has been given land in Gambella for the building of many homes for families in dire need..we here at I.H.R. continue with our designs and faith while we await funding to mobilize.

USA Team members;

*Nhial Chuol Tut, Team leader: Administration & Finance

*Isaac Workman, Production manager

*Mitch Heuer,    Engineering & Operations


I.H.R. 501C3 was founded in 2020 by Mitch Heuer, a builder from Montana with a vision to efficiently create quality sustainable homes for people in need of housing around the globe. He is an inventor with innovative ideas for turning post consumer waste and locally available materials into homes. He sees the inaccessibility of housing in the communities where he works and is inspired to be a part of the solution. With experience in straw bale construction, natural home building, conventional construction, modular home construction, factory built homes, tiny home construction, and more, Mitch, along with his team of passionate volunteers, builders, designers, and engineers has what it takes to bring solutions to reality.

Years of experience has successfully shown us why home building is cost prohibitive for the millions of those in need. Three contributing factors are the high level of skilled labor required, the lacking availability of those skilled people and the high and rising cost of building materials. We are fixing that and ushering in a paradigm shift.

We are on the cutting edge of the solution for this age old and ever growing global crises, we are currently helping to introduce portable home building factories into the market that will produce rapidly built quality homes for all geographical regions where the need is or arises.

We were driven to create this nonprofit due in part to the poor performance of other entities, including the Red Cross, to actually build homes for those in need.

We walk the walk and build homes!



International Home Relief is committed to providing quality affordable housing around the globe. While we can see that a lack of affordable housing is a problem in many of our American cities, we know that it is a crisis all around the world.

Our home building encompasses new innovations, such as robotics, proprietary non conventional composites, elements and bio materials, as well as large "Lego" like building blocks from aour micro and mobile de-centralized building block producing plants.  We are environmentally conscious and use recycled materials, post consumer waste and wastes from farming as much as possible in the homes that we build. We build many of our homes using waste repurposed plastic, both EPS and hard plastics, we use plastic waste from landfills and Oceans and turn them into quality sustainable and cost effective homes with a drastically reduced carbon impacts.

We  teach the indiginous that we serve how to "fish" we show them how to build with our products and equepment, then we leave the leased equipment with them and watch them help themselves build many homes and small businesses building homes for others all of which improves many lives. 

We build transitional homeless housing, set up on stilts over municipal owed parking lots thereby utilizing unused "real estate" in prime need locations, these homes are for transitional use, managed by the cities in which they are temporarily placed, serviced by a mobile truck for grey water, fresh water, etc.  Embraced by legislators with a compassion and desire to solve their cities homelessness.

Our "Phased" building and ownership program allows for homes to be built and financed small initially and grow as the homeowners needs increase, keeping ownership affordable.

We believe that when people have adequate shelter, humanity and society will prosper. We eagerly await the future to see amazing things that will come from the individuals that are freed from the burden of lack of shelter, quite possibly the cure to disease could result. Psychologist Andrew Maslow says it best...

Our organization focuses on helping to solve these issues:




With an emphasis on these key values and principles:​





Humans are healthier when engaged in helping one another.
Our homes still require some labor to complete them...this is a good thing in if that people are engaged in community and helping one another, this is a boon to both physical and mental health of the individual.

Our innovation and flexibility is one key to a global solution. We like to use locally sourced products in our builds. We often use repurposed waste and biological elements such as mycelium.

We partner with cutting edge companies that provide rapid quality home construction.

“It is hard to argue that housing is not a fundamental human need. Decent, affordable housing should be a basic right for everybody... The reason is simple: without stable shelter, everything else falls apart.”



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International Home Relief 501C3

Image by Diego PH


Have an Impact
International Home Relief 501C3

If you want to donate, but do not want to create a PayPal account, please give us a call at (970) 948-9492 or an email at to make other arrangements.



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