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Our Story

IHR was founded in 2020 by Mitch Heuer, a builder from Montana with a vision to efficiently create quality sustainable homes for people in need of housing around the globe. He is an inventor with innovative ideas for turning waste and locally available materials into homes. He sees the inaccessibility of housing in the communities where he works and is inspired to be a part of the solution. With experience in straw bale construction, conventional construction, modular home construction, tiny home construction, and more, Mitch, along with his team of passionate volunteers, builders, designers, and engineers have what it takes to bring solutions to reality.


We were driven to create this nonprofit due in part to the poor performance of other entities, including the Red Cross, to actually build homes for those in need.

See more about Mitch's Montana homebuilding company here.


Our vision is to make a big impact.

Meet our founder Mitch Heuer and learn more about his dream for the future of sustainable and efficient housing through the power of technology and ambition.

Construction workers on work site
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