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International Home Relief Featured in Today's Senior Magazine

International Home Relief is proud to be featured on Today’s Senior Magazine! Author and publisher Rick Brava featured IHR On Today’s Senior Magazine “Baby Boomer Corner” column.

International Home Relief sees the need for accessible housing for thousands of Americans without proper shelter, however doing so is cost prohibitive, unsustainable, and time consuming. International Home Relief isn’t just about building homes - we strive to revolutionize the concept of house building through cutting edge technology and robotics to make a “portable home builder”. It’s simple, we build houses using technology that provides sustainable, affordable material, and in return we give millions a place to call home whilst being eco-friendly. It’s a win-win, we just need your help!

Please take a moment to check out Rick’s column on International Home Relief through Today’s Senior Magazine FREE online edition, and consider subscribing for monthly editions. We are honored to be featured in such a widely known magazine and suggest to all IHR fans and donors to check out his other great reads!

To access Today’s Senior Magazine, check out the online edition! International Home relief is featured on page 4 of Rick Brava’s “Baby Boomer Corner” column ——>

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